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Kevin Allen’s dynamic, comedic style blends amazing stage or mingling/close-up magic with spontaneous situational comedy to create memorable experiences for your audience.

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Whether it’s close-up/mingling magic for small intimate groups, or a stage show for 400 people, Kevin has a way of bringing excitement and fun to any event.

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Stage Magic Show

Kevin Allen performs a theater magic show

Whether it’s on a theater stage or just in your living room, Kevin’s performance creates a shared experience for your entire group. Kevin’s show is interactive, high-energy, and features amazing magic and mind-reading. Stage magic shows are a good option as the “main event” for the evening.

Mingling/Walk-Around Magic

Magician Kevin Allen performs at a cocktail party

From cocktail parties to wedding receptions, close-up/mingling magic is the perfect icebreaker! Kevin roams from group to group, performing close-up miracles, fostering connections, and energizing your group. A perfect addition to any special event.

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