A little bit about me:

I first got interested in magic when I was eight years old and watched my uncle perform magic at a family reunion. After convincing my parents to buy me a magic set, and quickly learning all the tricks, I was performing shows for my neighborhood out of my garage!

When I was 14, I started performing for events in the Seattle area, including the Seattle Children’s Hospital, where I performed with my brother. It was there, at the hospital, where I first realized the power magic has to make people happy and bring excitement, laughter, amazement, and wonder into their lives.

Kevin Allen at age 8!
Kevin Allen Comedy Magician headshot

My love of magic has continued to this day, where I perform hundreds of magic shows each year throughout the Portland area.  Basically, I never grew up! I love seeing people react to magic.  When I perform, I always try to combine comedy, amazing magic, excitement, high energy, and audience involvement!

I chose magic because of the way it makes people feel. I see, in the faces of the people I perform for, the same look I had when I was a kid…that same free-spirited imagination that lets kids dream big.

Always dream big, live life to the fullest, and never let your inner child die!

– Kevin

Comedy Magician Kevin Allen currently performs nearly 300 shows each year at public and private events throughout the Pacific Northwest.