“I’ve been coming to this conference for over 20 years and this was, hands-down, the best entertainment we’ve ever had!”

Close-up magic (aka “mingling” or “roaming magic”) is a great addition to any event.  Mingling magic is great for times between events, like your cocktail hour or receptions (as people arrive), or at events where people are seated at tables or standing in a room.  During this time, Kevin moves from group to group, showing people amazing tricks, helping people make new friends…basically making sure everyone has a good time!

The PERFECT Social Mixer!

Close-up magic is perfect for events without a stage or performance area, or before a main event.  Working his way around the room, Kevin performs close-up miracles in the hands of your guests.  As an event planner, you want your guests to have fun.  The beginning of any event is often the hardest.  Kevin can ease the tension, build excitement, and create connections by sharing laughter and amazement through magic.

Magician entertains at cocktail party
Magician performs card tricks at a table of people

Intimate, Close-up Entertainment

Roaming magic, strolling magic, and walk-around magic are all different names for the type of magic that happens in an intimate setting, right in the spectator’s hands!  It’s a highly-interactive form of magic that gets people involved in smaller groups and is the perfect prelude to Kevin Allen’s full stage show.  Walk-around magic works well at events like company banquets, weddings, corporate celebrations, proms/grad nights, grand openings, and even house parties.  These aren’t your grandpa’s card tricks. Kevin takes “pick a card, any card” to a whole new level!

Close Up Magician Kevin Allen entertains at tables

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