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Looking for fun, unique entertainment for your Class of 2020 Grad Night Party?

You’ve come to the right place!

Seniors consistently rate entertainment as the single most important element in a successful graduation party. Good food, decor, venues, and even music all play a part in a good grad night, but entertainment will be the most memorable element of all.

Successful grad night parties will have multiple activities going on and offer a variety of entertainment. Some entertainment will be passive (DJ, movie, etc.) and some entertainment will be active (physical activities, etc.). The key is having plenty for the students to do.

Kevin Allen’s hilarious and amazing stand up comedy magic shows, as well as walk-around/roaming magic will provide a memorable, unique, and fun experience for your grad night party.

Kevin’s shows are interactive and have the live entertainment advantage of involving seniors in the fun!

Students enjoy a comedy magic show as part of grad night party

Five reasons to bring Kevin Allen to your Grad Night party:

  • Your students will LOVE it!

    There’s nothing quite like experiencing magic done up close and personal. The feeling of watching something change places with something else right before your eyes. People freak out when Kevin makes borrowed objects vanish, reads people’s minds, and produces objects from thin air. It’s fun, mind-blowing, fast-paced entertainment that appeals to a wide range!

  • Magic is hot right now.

    Think America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, The Carbonaro Effect, Justin Willman’s Netflix specials, and the list goes on!

  • Kevin offers flexible options.

    Kevin’s stand up comedy magic shows can entertain hundreds of students at once and make for a great shared experience the entire senior class will enjoy.  These shows typically take place in theaters, or larger rooms that can accommodate the crowd.  Walk around/mingling magic is great for transition times, as an add-on, or as an alternative to other entertainment options and doesn’t require any specific setup!

  • Magic is unique.

    Kevin creates a memorable, shared experience for your students that is unique and different than what you may have had in the past.  Kevin’s show is a blend of mind-reading, comedy magic, sight gags, situational comedy, mentalism, and sleight of hand magic.

  • Kevin is easy to work with!

    Kevin brings everything he needs to provide your students with top notch entertainment (you just provide the stage!).  Kevin is flexible, easy-going, and offers competitive rates and package options.  Kevin goes the extra mile in helping to make sure your event is a success.

Kevin offers two types of entertainment for Grad Night Parties:

Walk-around/Mingling Magic

The most popular option for grad nights.  Kevin can walk around the entire school performing sleight of hand miracles to groups of students, or he can roam around a room where small groups of students are gathered.

Kevin performs close up magic for high school seniors
Comedy Magician Kevin Allen entertains at a grad night party in Portland, Oregon

Stand Up/Stage Shows

Unlike walk-around or mingling magic, these shows take place on a stage or riser, where everyone is watching the show at the same time. This doesn’t have to be the entire class (although many schools do that), it can just be a show held at a certain time in a certain area of the school for those who are interested and choose to attend. Stand up/stage shows are tons of fun because they create a shared memory for everyone and people enjoy seeing their friends up on stage.

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