Corporate Event Entertainment – Why you NEED entertainment at your next event.

So you’ve come here looking for entertainment, right?  You might be asking yourself, “why do I need entertainment in the first place?”  We’ve all heard about that infamous office party, you know, the one that inspired posts like this one from BuzzFeed called 22 Tips to Survive Your Holiday Office Party.

It’s a good question.  Not that karaoke and an open bar can’t make for good times….but there are a few reasons corporate planners bring entertainment to an event like a company holiday party or company picnic.

Magician performing roaming magic at a corporate event


You know that awkward hour before dinner, when people are just arriving?  Event planners want their guests to have fun and the beginning of the event is always the hardest.  Employees and their families (who  might not know each other) are gathering and the mingling can be awkward sometimes. Whether it’s during cocktail hour or after dinner, a good entertainer helps foster connections in the crowd.  With mingling or roaming magic, for example, an entertainer will come in and help break the ice, ease the tension, and build up a sense of excitement!

A good entertainer can also connect positive emotions and value to your brand!  When people see an entertainer, especially a good one, they know someone spent money and bothered to arrange entertainment.  It shows they care.  This is one of the reasons corporations hand out holiday gifts each year, no matter how small they might be.  It’s more about that thought than the actual thing.


Can’t stand the thought of seeing Ted from accounting singing Spice Girl’s hits again?  Yep, that’s where entertainment comes in.  Good event planners know the whole point of a party is that everyone has a good time.  My job as an entertainer, is to bring the fun to your party and make sure everyone is having a good time.  As an event planner, this is your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching everyone laugh and be amazed.


The best entertainers create memories.  People may not remember the center pieces or what color the decorations were, but they’ll never forget the fun they had with their friends or loved ones and the amazing things that happened during the show.  They’ll remember how great they felt and how much they enjoyed themselves at your event.  The memories they make will be something they talk about around the water cooler for months to come!

Bringing entertainment to your next event is a must.  A good corporate entertainer can help break the ice, get people interacting, foster connections, make people laugh, and create memories that are guaranteed to last.  If you don’t have entertainment already booked for your party this year, NOW is the time to book your event.  CLICK HERE to contact Kevin Allen and see what he can bring to your event!